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Extend Your Team with Trusted JavaScript Engineers
& Build Better Software Faster

Swarm embeds remote Full-Stack JavaScript Engineers directly into your engineering team. We give you the on-demand edge to ship more tech faster, capture more market share, and hit aggressive deadlines — without adding technical debt.

Want to accelerate your engineering team? Talk to us to learn how.

Our Service

Swarm Solutions is your best practices senior engineering team on demand. Our distributed engineers integrate directly with your team so you can deploy additional engineering bandwidth quickly without compromising on the quality, scalability, and maintainability of your systems & applications.

How Swarm Integrates

Swarm integrates by plugging full-remote Swarm engineers into your engineering team. Individual engineers are committed to you based on your needs and dedicated to your team alone.

Swarm engineers directly extend and augment your team. We embed into your communication channels, engineering process, stand-ups, and meetings. We report to your engineering leadership and work standard office hours.

Fundamentally, Swarm engineers function exactly the same as any other Individual Contributor member of your in-house engineering team, but in a flexible and strategic capacity.

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How Swarm Integrates
Fully Integrated Communications
Swarm Engineer Profile

Swarm Solutions standardizes around a specific type of engineer. Swarm engineers are general purpose Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Engineers that combine high-caliber natural talent with significant depth and breadth of experience.

  • Location: Full-Remote
  • Role: Senior Software Engineer
  • Experience: Average 10+ years of professional engineering experience
  • Technical Expertise: Focus on Full-Stack JavaScript within the Applications layer. Agnostic in Infrastructure and Persistence layers with years of experience across all major paradigms & technologies
  • Attitude: Highly professional, friendly, warm, and approachable
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Swarm Engineers Have Architected, Developed, & Deployed Systems that Delivered


Billions of Requests


Millions in Revenue


Non-Strategic Technical Debt

Technology We Love

Swarm engineers are true Senior Full-Stack Engineers. From infrastructure, to persistence, to back & front end, and all the packages, paradigms, and technologies in between — we can build it the right way from the ground up. At the application layer, we specialize in JavaScript technologies: Node.js on the server and React/Vue/Angular/etc on the client.

Proven Track Record

Chris Brantley Testimonial

“The entire [Swarm E2S] experience is completely seamless... I didn't have to stress about onboarding anyone or figure things out, I just got extremely strong engineers added to my team that were able to proactively and autonomously onboard onto our team and start adding immediate value.”

Ken Kantzer Testimonial

“We trust Swarm to build and extend our flagship technology. They are certain to deliver best practices engineering by default, so we can deploy them to scale our engineering velocity successfully.”

Greg Tyree Testimonial

“We trust Swarm to help us build great technology, their engineers are top notch.”

Chris Ogden Testimonial

“Swarm augmented our team to solve some of our difficult technical problems, the kind of issues you can't just throw a bunch of commits at and call it a day. The Swarm team worked closely with our leadership to architect a solution, then they adeptly executed the solution. Would absolutely recommend.”

Chris Gerhardt Testimonial

“The biggest fear with any unknown engineering resource is that they won't know what they are doing and as a result your technology will suffer. Rest assured, the Swarm team are engineering experts. They can be trusted to build your tech the right way the first time and every time.”

Want to accelerate your engineering team? Talk to us to learn how

At Swarm Solutions, we aren't just engineers on-demand, we're partners who are fully aligned and invested in your success.

It's why Swarm engineers always use best practices — we engineer with your technology and our business relationship's future in mind.

It's why your engineering leadership has peace of mind when Swarm engineers approve a teammates pull-request; or mentor a junior teammate on how to architect new features with a comprehensive understanding of the overall system in mind.

It’s why tech driven companies including high growth startups and the Fortune 500 trust Swarm to help them build core technology.

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